The floor plan of your home is more important than you think! You will be living in the house for a long time to come, so it is prudent to spend time and efforts in the early stages.

Take advantage of Queensland’s amazing weather with the help of a well-designed patio or outdoor entertaining area.

Privacy in bedrooms

Ideally, the master bedroom should be positioned away from the general house noise. If possible, it should not share a wall with a bathroom, living area, or laundry room. Consider where you would prefer your master bedroom to be – away from other bedrooms or close?

The layout of the master bedroom and other bedrooms is very important. Having bedrooms away from the street is better if you have difficulty sleeping. And if you have a baby, having it close to the master bedroom is important too.


The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, and its design and layout are critical.

Do you have meals in the kitchen with your family? Or do you have frequently entertained?

Knowing how you will utilise your kitchen space will ensure the long hours you spend there are easy and enjoyable! When it comes to kitchen design, consider:

  • Storage space
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Location – should it have a back entrance or a front entrance? Having it close to a garage or an entrance ensures you don’t need to lug your groceries far.
  • Space for your appliances
  • Location of the kitchen island, dining table, sink, and stove-top

Living areas

Consider how you will use your living space – would you want to watch TV, entertain your friends, or have a gaming session there?

Do you prefer an open-plan layout or cosy and comfortable living space?

Other rooms

Consider extra rooms which are an option for modern homes. Do you need a gym space or a media room? Although it may seem attractive to have different rooms for gaming, exercising or playing music, they should not become a waste of space. Consider your lifestyle and needs before you choose the floor plan for your home.