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The team you need to build a home you’ll love. Crib Group has been building stunning new homes on the Gold Coast for over 40 years.

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What do you want in your new home?

Building a brand-new home is an opportunity to get everything right, just the way you want it. Many of us ‘make do’ with aspects of our homes which fall short of completely meeting the needs of our family and our lifestyles.

Creating a new home from the ground up means you can include all the features that are important to you and your family and have complete control over the design and styling.

If an expansive open-plan living area is essential to provide space for your growing family, we’ll include it. If living green is an integral part of your values, we can create an eco-friendly home to minimise your environmental impact. If you’ve always wanted a home with luxurious finishes, bespoke fittings, and high-end fixtures, we’ll create the home of your dreams.

Crib Group work closely with clients to prioritise essential aspects, ensuring the result is everything you hoped for. We understand every client is unique and will guide you through the design and planning decisions to make sure all the things that are important to you are included.

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What makes a good floor plan?2024-04-09T15:43:31+10:00

The floor plan of your home is more important than you think! You will be living in the house for a long time to come, so it is prudent to spend time and efforts in the early stages.

Take advantage of Queensland’s amazing weather with the help of a well-designed patio or outdoor entertaining area.

Privacy in bedrooms

Ideally, the master bedroom should be positioned away from the general house noise. If possible, it should not share a wall with a bathroom, living area, or laundry room. Consider where you would prefer your master bedroom to be – away from other bedrooms or close?

The layout of the master bedroom and other bedrooms is very important. Having bedrooms away from the street is better if you have difficulty sleeping. And if you have a baby, having it close to the master bedroom is important too.


The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, and its design and layout are critical.

Do you have meals in the kitchen with your family? Or do you have frequently entertained?

Knowing how you will utilise your kitchen space will ensure the long hours you spend there are easy and enjoyable! When it comes to kitchen design, consider:

  • Storage space
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Location – should it have a back entrance or a front entrance? Having it close to a garage or an entrance ensures you don’t need to lug your groceries far.
  • Space for your appliances
  • Location of the kitchen island, dining table, sink, and stove-top

Living areas

Consider how you will use your living space – would you want to watch TV, entertain your friends, or have a gaming session there?

Do you prefer an open-plan layout or cosy and comfortable living space?

Other rooms

Consider extra rooms which are an option for modern homes. Do you need a gym space or a media room? Although it may seem attractive to have different rooms for gaming, exercising or playing music, they should not become a waste of space. Consider your lifestyle and needs before you choose the floor plan for your home.

Builders Licence vs Trade Contractors Licence2024-04-09T15:49:07+10:00

Looking to hire a trades’ person for your renovation or construction project? Always look for contractors registered with the QBCC. It ensures your project is covered by a homeowner warranty, and you can get legal help for any issue.

QBCC License for Builders and Trade Contractors

In Queensland, if you are working as a builder, you need a license from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). The QBCC is a statutory authority and regulates the building and construction sector.

License Classes

  1. Builders-Open, Low Rise and Medium Rise
  2. Builders Restricted
  3. Building Design
  4. Completed Residential Building Inspection
  5. Mechanical Services
  6. Trade Contractors

Type of Licenses

  1. Contractor
  2. Site Supervisor
  3. Occupation
  4. Nominee Supervisor

Trade Contractor License

License Class: If you are involved in roles like cabinet making, concreting, carpentry, drainage, plumbing, gas fitting, stone-masonry, roof tiling, etc.

When is QBCC license needed?

In Queensland, you need a QBCC license to carry out:

  • Building work valued over $3300
  • Building work valued over $1100 if it involved Hydraulic Services Design
  • Supervising the building work to ensure the work is of a high standard and complies with the building plans and specifications
  • If you are supervising work related to plumbing and drainage, gas fitting, pest control and fire protection

Building work of any value if it involves:

  1. Drainage and Plumbing
  2. Gas Fitting
  3. Fire Protection
  4. Low rise, medium-rise and open building design
  5. Chemical and Physical Termite Management
  6. Site classification
  7. Residential building inspection

When is QBCC License NOT required?

  • Owner of the land and the work is valued under $11000
  • Employees of licensed contractors
  • An individual in partnership with licensed contractors
  • A sub-trade contractor working under a licensed contractor
  • Trusts cannot apply for a license
  • If you are working in the following fields:
  1. Asbestos removal
  2. Demolition
  3. Insulation Installer
  4. Handyman, the work shouldn’t be valued over $3300, electrical or plumbing and shouldn’t require an occupational license
  5. Architect engaged for building design work or building inspections
  6. Electrician
Owner builder vs using a professional builder2024-04-09T15:41:13+10:00

Deciding to build a new home or embarking on a significant home renovation is an exciting time, but one which accompanies a lot of decision-making. For some, one of the first decisions they encounter is whether to take the steps to become an owner builder or to enlist the services of a professional builder.

Maybe you’re a dab hand with the tools, or you’re keen to keep building costs down as much as possible by doing some of the work and project management yourself. Whatever the reason, it’s important to consider all aspects of this option to ensure you are well-prepared and have a realistic idea of what becoming an owner builder involves.

Owner builder requirements

Owner builders don’t necessarily do all the work themselves, but they are responsible for overseeing and managing the complete building or renovation project on their land.

Other points to consider include:

Owner builders are not only responsible for the building while the project is being carried out but also for up to 6 ½ years after project completion.

Some banks are hesitant to lend to owner builders, especially those with little to no experience. This could be a very important factor when considering your finance options.*

As an owner builder, you’re limited to one project every 6 years.

Home builders can’t access Home Warranty insurance cover. Home Warranty insurance provides protection for the homeowner in the event a contractor fails to complete work, the work is defective, and they don’t fix it, or the building suffers from subsidence.

Using a professional builder might cost a bit more, but there are so many benefits which provide extra value.

If you’re planning a building project on the Gold Coast, and you’d like more information on how a professional builder can ensure the success and smooth running of your project, contact the experienced builders at Crib Group today.

*This information is of a general nature and not designed to replace professional financial advice.


Gavin and his team from Crib Home Improvements were recommended to me. I wanted to build in the underneath of my home into a separate living area. I needed the laundry area and garage area redesigned into a bedroom, living/sun room, bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

It was very overwhelming for me being a pensioner and not knowing where to start and if I needed all different trades and most of all, who to trust.

Gavin attended my home, gave me some terrific ideas and went away to put together a very detailed quote.

I am now happy to say that after a few months of a construction site under my home, I now have an incredible bedroom with a wardrobe behind a freestanding wall, an amazing modern bathroom, including a new lover window with so much room, including a walk in shower with only one piece of frameless glass, a beautiful off floor vanity and a toilet behind a half wall for privacy. Not to mention the fantastic kitchenette with an under bench washing machine and fridge.

The additional lounge/sun room with a new glass sliding door has provided me with many hours of reading pleasure.

Thank you, Gavin, and all your professional team of trades for creating what I thought was an overwhelming job seem so effortless. You truly are what I would call an “old-fashioned” builder, with tremendous “old-fashioned” values and honesty.

Maree B – Southport, Queensland

Christmas day 2023 there were some horrendous storms in the Runaway Bay area where I own an investment property. My tenants called me to advise that the garage roller door had been torn off and landed on their car. I had no idea how to deal with this over the Christmas period.

Talking to some family, we all started to search online, social media etc for someone to assist.

We came across Crib Home Improvements. Sceptical, anyone would answer the phone on Boxing Day, to my surprise, Gavin did.

Explaining my predicament with tenants who had a dog and a small baby, Gavin advised he would attend to the property and secure it in the interim until such time the damage could be assessed further.

Gavin attended the property with temporary fencing, shade cloth for privacy and was able to safely remove to a safe place the damaged roller door.

Thanks heaps, Gavin, for coming to the rescue!

Property owner – Runaway Bay

We highly recommend Gavin Hunt of Crib Building Consultants, for any building or renovation projects.

With the renovation and additions of our property, we found his workmanship and attention to detail exceptional, while his knowledge and ability to all details of the build was impressive.

In adverse weather conditions, he was able to complete our project within the agreed time frame.

Ron and Joan Luke

We were very impressed with Gavin & CRIB. He spent many hours going through the works in fine detail, explaining the process & options. All the guys that carried out the works were respectful & courteous. We could not have been happier with the final result.

Mary & John

It is our pleasure to highly recommend Crib Home Improvements. They have been instrumental in our bathroom renovation/s. They have been responsive to our needs, quality oriented and very professional in every aspect of their business.

The design and construction process went smoothly and construction was completed on time and with a high level of quality. As the client, we always looked forward to the site visits, and we were never faced with any major design or construction issues, as can sometimes be the case lining in a high rise.

The quality of work has stood the test of time.

B & C – Surfers Paradise

Registered Builder with over 40 years of industry experience.

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