Looking to hire a trades’ person for your renovation or construction project? Always look for contractors registered with the QBCC. It ensures your project is covered by a homeowner warranty, and you can get legal help for any issue.

QBCC License for Builders and Trade Contractors

In Queensland, if you are working as a builder, you need a license from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). The QBCC is a statutory authority and regulates the building and construction sector.

License Classes

  1. Builders-Open, Low Rise and Medium Rise
  2. Builders Restricted
  3. Building Design
  4. Completed Residential Building Inspection
  5. Mechanical Services
  6. Trade Contractors

Type of Licenses

  1. Contractor
  2. Site Supervisor
  3. Occupation
  4. Nominee Supervisor

Trade Contractor License

License Class: If you are involved in roles like cabinet making, concreting, carpentry, drainage, plumbing, gas fitting, stone-masonry, roof tiling, etc.

When is QBCC license needed?

In Queensland, you need a QBCC license to carry out:

  • Building work valued over $3300
  • Building work valued over $1100 if it involved Hydraulic Services Design
  • Supervising the building work to ensure the work is of a high standard and complies with the building plans and specifications
  • If you are supervising work related to plumbing and drainage, gas fitting, pest control and fire protection

Building work of any value if it involves:

  1. Drainage and Plumbing
  2. Gas Fitting
  3. Fire Protection
  4. Low rise, medium-rise and open building design
  5. Chemical and Physical Termite Management
  6. Site classification
  7. Residential building inspection

When is QBCC License NOT required?

  • Owner of the land and the work is valued under $11000
  • Employees of licensed contractors
  • An individual in partnership with licensed contractors
  • A sub-trade contractor working under a licensed contractor
  • Trusts cannot apply for a license
  • If you are working in the following fields:
  1. Asbestos removal
  2. Demolition
  3. Insulation Installer
  4. Handyman, the work shouldn’t be valued over $3300, electrical or plumbing and shouldn’t require an occupational license
  5. Architect engaged for building design work or building inspections
  6. Electrician